Football is one discipline that, from the senior or most professional league to the lowest Sunday competitions, there is always something juicy to talk about. Whether you pinpoint the world’s most talented star or a local striker from deep in the township, there is a story worth the headlines.

It may be a story about the greatest goals and tries, outstanding saves or simple blank-range misses. It could be about what the Americans love to call soccer or the game played with balls of an odd shape.

If you believe in the beauty of football, then Hall of Fame will suit you quite well. The blog has football stories told in a tone and style that you will just fall in love with. Even stories that come straight from the archives are told in a way that captures your attention as if you were getting a live stream.

How much do you know about your local football clubs? You will be amazed to learn that the action going on in the grassroots is just as thrilling as what you line up to catch each game week at the huge stadiums or live on TV. Get to interact with the clubs near you and understand what they really are about.

The blog also touches on clubs that are comprised of Old Collegians but still compete in the local levels. These give readers a chance to catch up on the sporting side of their former schools or even find ways to link up with these teams.

Reading Hall of Fame, you get the feeling that the articles have been deeply researched and that the information therein is something you can rely on. It really looks like information you can hinge an argument upon with confidence. You will feel confident to say ‘Believe me, it was even said on Hall of fame!’

Another beautiful element of the blog is that it does not publish unnecessarily long articles that do not offer much value. Reading an article for as short a duration as two or three minutes is likely to add to your knowledge base in a way that even you will like. ‘Short and sweet’ would be an apt description of most of the articles on Hall of fame.

It is clear that the blog’s writers are natural storytellers, not people who have merely passed through a journalism class.

A real value to every reader, this Hall of Fame.