Local Football Clubs in Australia

Australia’s connection to Britain means that football (soccer) and rugby football a largely popular sport in the country. From local clubs to the A-League, football is part and parcel of the Australian people’s fabric. The Australian Soccer League System is the body mandated to run football leagues in Australia, but there are many non-professional competitions organized and run by locals in both disciplines.

Here are some of the popular local clubs from across the country, some of which you might even find on Unibet Australia Betting‘s catalog.

  • St. John’s OC

The club has been in existence since 1980, bringing together the old boys from St. Johns. They have had relative success, the most recent being a stint in Division One in 2016.

  • Aquinas Football Club

This outfit was born in 1981 but had to wait until 1987 to enter VAFA competition. It has been an up and down journey since then, including a drop up to the fifth division. They have however got back each time and remain a force in their ranks.

  • Yarra Old Grammarians Football Club

This one was put together by alumni of the Yarra Valley Grammar school in 1993. They stormed the division with a bang, collecting four senior premierships in 1994. They currently ply the second division.

  • Whitefriars Football Club

The Friars have been around since 1986. They had plenty of success in the final years of the last century but have had a premiership drought since 2002. In 2017 they dropped from the top division to the second tier.

  • Canterbury Football Club

One of the oldest football clubs around, Canterbury has been around for over a century. They competed in the Eastern League for a long time, only joining VAFA in 2014. They announced their arrival with premiership and reserves wins in 2015.

  • Emmaus St. Leo’s OC Football Club

The club has been in VAFA competitions since 1992 when they got a first premiership win. Since then, they have always finished in competitive positions in the top division.

  • Manningham Cobras Football Club

This team owes its origin to several clubs that existed for a long time but came together to form the current outfit in 2007. The merger was largely fruitful as it has helped them scale the heights from the fourth division.

  • Parkside Football Club

Parkside came to be in 1938, making them one of VAFA’s veterans. In 2002, they ditched VAFA for the Diamond valley league but returned in 2015. It has been a relatively successful three year since.

  • Richmond Central Football Club

Richmond has been in existence since 1987. They are currently competing in the third division with three teams in senior competitions.

The list could go on and on, or it could turn to soccer clubs and become even lengthier.